A Little About Us

A One Stop financial management company specializing in Property Refinance & Debt Consolidation since 2010 in consultancy services to our valued clients.

Business Scope

LET Direct Solutions is precisely the first and only property related servicing company in Penang which provides holistic and comprehensive solutions for its clients. The Company started up with helping its clients in getting housing loan, refinancing, CTOS/CCRIS, EPF withdrawal, legal conveyancing for S&P, property protection insurance in MRTA/MLTA and Fire & Theft insurance, together with relevant legal assistance pertaining to various properties.

Having successfully made its landmark and built up reliable reputation, LET Direct Solutions is now moving forward in the direction of being one-stop services provider with regards to property owners.

From the record of its excellent performance so far, LET Direct Solutions is confident in stretching its wings to expand further which include property management service, agency services for buying, selling and auction purposes, hospitality services such as homestay in strategic locations in Penang, interior design and renovation, Will & Trust-writing, Transfer of ownership, the entire package which involved in property matters.


As LET Direct Solutions has been established in year 2010. It had acquired extensive contacts and business associates as well as trustworthy partners basing on its initial setup in good footing and correct direction.

The increase of its clients from all the transactions being handled by LET Direct Solutions so far had prompted its expansion in covering more aspects as far as the related properties are concerned. As it had shown that it started from a mere humble workforce of personnel to the current of its workforce, LET Direct Solutions envisage to expand further in its property-related services which cover a bigger domain.

In view of the property markets which become larger and wider, we foresee the increasing demand of these related sectors which we believe we will be able to deliver substantial assistance as a whole to our clients.

As we have noticed the strong and steady uprising of the market demand in Penang in the past decade, LET Solutions visualized that it could capitalize on this market trend upon its original service network, furthermore it could also provide impetus for its contacts such as financial institutions, legal firms, insurance companies and property developers for mutual benefits.


All along LET Solutions focused its services in catering for the need of property purchasers for financial loans and mortgage arrangements, it had accumulated quite substantial experience and exposure in handling properties’ matters, good rapport and trust had been established between clients and the financial loan providers, insurance companies, property management and also developers, it always plays the constructive role in bridging the gap between these two parties to tie up the deal.

LET Direct Solutions will be involved in more services to be aligned with property sector, the current workforce is composed of various professionals in different fields such as legal experts, financial advisors, insurance consultants in both Life and General insurance, competent Will-writers , experienced property agents as well as developers.

Future Development

LET Direct Solutions is looking forward in expanding its service networks which consist of reliable principals such as financial providers, insurance companies, legal firms, property management companies and developers in order to provide better and more complete services and assistance to its clients.

Equipped with sufficient staff in various departments in handling individual functions, LET Direct Solutions is set to soar higher and further, hence bringing better and broader aspects of services to its clients.

The future development of LET Direct Solutions looks so promising and convincing judging from the fact that it goes in line with the property markets which produce great demand among the property owners , and LET Direct Solutions has its major role to play in these potential markets.

A One Stop financial management company specializing in Property Refinance & Debt Consolidation since year 2010 experience in consultancy services to our valued clients.

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